Film/TV Production & Finance Summit Publication

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Film/TV Production & Finance Summit Publication


March 1, 2019

Legal documents and articles included. These documents are necessary for a Film/TV Productions including sample forms of chain of title, completion guarantees, music licensing, etc.

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The Essential Elements of Financing Film & TV Productions

This panel will examine in great detail the process of acquiring funding for a feature film, television or digital production and the necessary legal documents in financing content in today's environment.

  • Structure of a Motion Picture Financing Transaction
  • Components of Financing: Equity, Debt & Soft Money
  • Security Interests and Financier Controls
  • Budgets, letters of intent, script and chain of title
  • Producers, Bankers, Lawyers & Accountants – Who Controls the Deal?
  • Completion bonds, Credit Insurance and Enhancements
  • Recoupment: The revenue waterfall

Film, TV & Digital Distribution, Marketing & Social Media

  • Attaching International Sales Agents
  • When to Attach Domestic Distribution
  • Creating a Distribution Plan
  • When to Start Marketing, Social Media and Gorilla Marketing
  • Exhibitors and Booking Agents – Dealing Directly with Exhibitors
  • Distributor/Rent A System Deals
  • The Current Role of Film Festivals and Markets
  • Impact of Digital Distribution  

U.S. States & International Jurisdictions Providing Production Incentives

  • State Tax Credits in their Jurisdictions
  • What is Local Spend?  
  • Interim financing for US tax based soft money
  • Combining U.S. State and foreign incentives

Obtaining Funding for Film, Television & Digital Productions

This panel will explore the role of debt lenders in film finance and the conditions a producer needs to satisfy to secure such financings.  

  • Banks – Commercial and Private
  • Private Equity
  • Banking Presales & Tax Credits
  • Gap and Bridge Loans
  • Brand Integration

Chain of Title, Option Agreements, Cast Agreements, Music Licensing and Other Key Production Agreements, Guilds and Unions

This panel will discuss the principal agreements required for a typical film. Many issues associated with production agreements are often misunderstood. The panel will attempt to de-mystify some of the agreements and explain common pitfalls and traps.