PFICs Pitfalls 2018 - June 14th

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PFIC June 14 copy.jpg

PFICs Pitfalls 2018 - June 14th

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Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) can significantly increase the income tax for individuals and domestic corporations.  PFIC inclusions do not qualify for reduced tax rates or corporate foreign income deductions.  This introductory level webinar will show you how to help your employer or clients avoid PFIC status for investments, or at least minimize the adverse impact.  You'll learn:

  • What is a PFIC?
  • Tax impact of PFIC after 2017
  • How and when to use the QEF election
  • When to use mark to market or purging elections
  • How to calculate the tax and interest charge
  • Navigating of Form 8621

Recommended CPE/CLE credit:  1 hour
Who should attend:  CPAs in public accounting or industry who have clients or an employer with foreign investments.
Prerequisite:  Basic familiarity with international business.
Advance preparation:  none