See what our guests are saying about their learning experiences.

Thank you for putting together the insightful Introduction to U.S. International Tax class. As someone with very little background in International Tax, I found the class to be really helpful and the materials and speakers gave detail at just the right level.
— Sheila Tran
I never had any seminar of international tax and I learned a lot. All the speakers were very good and very well versed in the subjects!
— Xiao Zhang
Kevin’s was the best presentation I have ever attended; makes me feel proud of being a tax lawyer, and encouraged me to become a better one; I really meant it; I have spent a significant portion of the year attending seminars, so I have very good frame of reference
— Oscar Grisales-Racini, J.D., L.L.M (Tax), MBA
All the speakers were very receptive to questions, I would just like the seminar a few days longer to allow for more “mechanical” training by people attending. This seminar is very helpful and relevant to my work as Vice President of Tax of Japanese-Owned U.S. Company.
— Anonymus
The industry insiders really know their stuff. So many layers of useful information! A jolt to keep forward progress.
— Fred Furman
The seminar was informative and met all of my expectations! Nice blend of speakers. Great content, very strong and informative exchanges…very valuable, thanks for sharing!”
— Susana Sanchez