IC-DISC: The Big Tax Break for Exporters


IC-DISC: The Big Tax Break for Exporters


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IC-DISC: The Big Tax Break for Exporters

Why the Magnitude of IC-DISC benefits matter to the business

  • How to form an IC-DISC
  • Determining what products qualify for IC-DISC
  • Commission and buy-sell structures
  • Ongoing DISC requirements
  • Gross receipts requirement
  • Assets requirement
  • The interest computation

Maximizing IC-DISC and shareholder benefits

  • The four percent alternative
  • The 50/50 combined taxable income alternative
  • The transfer pricing alternative
  • Marginal costing
  • Choosing the best IC-DISC method

Specific export-related programs – which of the IC DISC programs can benefit your company?

  • Companies having exports of less than $10 million
  • Companies having exports of more than $10 million
  • Companies that export goods but are not directly involved in the exporting process
  • Companies that export goods, but are not manufacturers of these products
  • U.S. manufacturers that export and can get multiple benefits
  • Companies that mix US products with imported goods
  • Companies that provide engineering or affiliated services

Expanding your reach – how foreign entities can provide additional benefits

  • Foreign international sales corporations
  • Associated foreign corporations
  • Contractual arrangements that protect the exporter
  • Sales and commission franchise agreements
  • Cost allocation and expense agreement
  • Export promotion expense agreement
  • Related foreign export corporation agreement
  • Related and subsidiary services agreements
  • Other agreements the company might need

Audit risks and opportunities

  • Documentation
  • Audit exposure
  • Preparing for tax litigation