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    Networking Seminars offers the seminar publications, as well as, publications from our expert speakers that can be purchased from partnering websites.  Please click on the Buy Now button below the descriptions to purchuse.  If you wish to pay by check, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and submit.

    Income Tax in the U.S.A.
    Author:  Steve Fox, CPA/CMA
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    Steve Fox explains U.S. income tax rules and concepts in plain language, with sometimes humorous examples. This book covers the full range of Federal income tax, and provides an overview of many state rules. Income Tax in the USA is a must-have book for business people, investors, and advisers. The book provides context for the rules discussed without assuming the reader is an accountant or attorney. It discusses tax return reporting but does not provide line-by-line guidance on preparing tax returns.


    Practical Guide to U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
    Author:  Robert J. Misey, Jr., J.D., MBA, LL.M.
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    Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies provides clear and reliable guidance on what the latest tax treatment is for limited liability companies and what it means for your clients or your business. This hands-on treatise is dedicated entirely to the taxation of LLCs. It answers all of your questions with an analysis of all federal tax issues applicable to LLCs with detailed references to related Code Sections and Treasury Regulations, plus cases, revenue rulings and private letter rulings. It provides a state-by-state analysis of state tax laws and filing requirements in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with references to the applicable tax forms and places of filing listed. It explains how to prepare the most common LLC tax forms, state tax forms, checklists, practice tips, tables, and examples. This comprehensive manual offers scrupulous and exhaustive coverage of LLC taxation that accountants, tax attorneys, and CPAs working with LLCs will find invaluable for daily reference.

    Accounting for Income Taxes - Understanding the financial accounting and reporting standards for the affects of income taxes that result from a company’s activities during the current and preceding years especially when further complications may arise as U.S. GAAP begins to converge with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This seminar is designed to clarify the fundamental requirements involved in the accounting for income taxes (ASC 740) and to highlight key points that should be considered before and after transactions are undertaken. Presentations include: Current Tax Provision; Credits and Common Book Tax Differences; Deferred Taxes; Valuation Allowances; Disclosure Rules; Accounting for Uncertainity in Taxes; Interim Period Taxes; Deferred Tax as a Liability; Stock Options and Deferred Taxes; APB 23 (AC 740.30.25), U.S. International Implications and Foreign Operations



    Introduction to U.S. International Tax - Learn the fundamentals of U.S. international taxation.  This seminar will provide a basic understanding of U.S. international tax codes and tax reporting requirements for U.S. corporations with operations abroad.   The goal of the corporate tax practitioner is to reduce U.S. taxes on foreign income while also complying with Internal Revenue Codes. presentations include:  Introduction & Overview of U.S. International Tax; Source of Income, Allocation & Expense Apportionment; The Foreign Tax Credit; Transfer Pricing; Controlled Foreign Corporations, Subpart F Income, and Passive Foreign Investment Companies; Earnings and Profits; Tax Reporting Requirements for Foreign Operations
    Income Tax Treaties; Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions



    U.S. International Tax Update - As the world’s economies grow increasingly integrated, the international tax laws of the U.S. impact a greater percentage of businesses and transactions. These international tax rules affect not only large U.S. and foreign-based multinationals, but also increasingly affect mid-sized and smaller firms, financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial activity. This intermediate level seminar will cover in more detail an understanding of U.S. international tax codes and tax reporting requirements for U.S. corporations with operations abroad. Presentations include: Section 861-865 Sourcing of Income & Expense Allocation; Dual Consolidated Loss Limitation; Foreign Tax Credit Recent Section 904 & Recent Legislative Developments; Repatriating Low-Tax Earnings from a CFC; Section 956 - CFC Investments in United States Property; Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits; U.S. Migration Matters; International Implications of Financial Reporting and Tax Accounting Rules; Tax Planning for Partnerships & Pass-Through Entities



    Controlled Foreign Corporations & Subpart F Income - This publication presentations include foreign base company sales income, foreign personal holding and services income, computing E&P,  foreign tax credit consequences of recognizing Section 1248 and the new substantial contribution contract manufacturing regulations. We will also review reporting issues for CFCs and disregarded entities. 



    Foreign Tax Credits - These presentations will review key issues in foreign tax credit planning and provide an update on recently passed legislation.  Presentations include:

    Overview of the Rules Affecting Foreign Tax Credits and Understanding the Foreign Tax Credit Mechanics: Sections 901, 902, 960 & 903; Understanding the Foreign Tax Credit Limitation - Section 904; Understanding the Look-Through Rules Under Section 904(d) (3) and (4); Foreign Source Losses and Overall Domestic Losses and their Effect on the Foreign Tax Credit Limitation; Recent Legislative Developments


    U.S.-Canada International Tax Planning presentations include:

    • Intercompany Loans and Accounts Receivable
    • Earnings Stripping Rules – Section 163(j)
    • Branches and Hybrid Branches
    • Mergers and Acquisitions – Acquisition of a U.S. Entity
    • Transfer Pricing 
    • Services Regulations – Reg. Section 1.482-9
    • Treaty Developments affecting Canadian Companies
    • Foreign Bank Account Reporting
    • Mutual Agreement Procedure and Arbitration
    • Recent Legislative Changes and Proposals


    Tax Planning for the Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industries
    presentations include:

    • Overview of Recent Legislation & Tax Provisions  
    • Development & Transfers of Intellectual Property  
    • Services Regulations – Reg. Section 1.482-9  
    • Cost Sharing RegulationsContract Manufacturing Regulations
    • Supply Chain Management 
    • R&D Tax Credits & Recent Developments
    • International Restructurings

    Wine Industry
    Forum presentations include:

    • Effectively Negotiating Wine Grape Contracts
    • Employment & Labor Law for the Wine Industry – 2012 Update
    • Protecting Your Wine Brand
    • The Current Legal Landscape for Direct Shipping
    • California ABC Regulations – Hot Topics you Need to Know


    Inbound Tax Planning
    presentations include:

    • Choice of Entity
    • Effectively Connected Income & Permanent Establishments 
    • Financing the US Business 
    • Life After Out-from-Under
    • Foreign Nationals

    Transfer Pricing
    presentations include:

    • Overview of U.S. International Transfer Pricing—Key Issues and Hot Topics
    • Cost Sharing Today
    • Global Treatment of Services Transactions
    • Handling an IRS Transfer Pricing Examination
    • Transfer Pricing in the BRIC
    • Transfer Pricing Documentation
    • US Transfer Pricing Legislation
    • The New Advanced Pricing and Mutual Agreement Program
    • The Future of Transfer Pricing



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