U.S. International Implications of Foreign Operations

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U.S. International Implications of Foreign Operations


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This recorded webinar will explain how the foreign income tax provision comprises a current provision and a deferred provision. The complexities of international tax and the multitude of jurisdictions in which your company operates, calculating your foreign tax provision can be a difficult and time-consuming exercise. This webinar touches on key financial statement disclosures regarding your company's foreign tax provision and addresses items for consideration regarding your company's permanent reinvestment assertion.(ASC 740-30-25, formerly APB 23)

What we cover in this recorded webinar:

  • Foreign income tax expense
  • Deferred taxes on foreign income
  • Foreign tax attributes (net operating losses, tax holidays) and their expiration
  • Reporting for branches, partnerships and disregarded entities
  • Years open to examination for all major tax jurisdictions
  • Foreign currency translation adjustments
  • Impact of significant recently enacted or anticipated tax legislation

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Chuck Chubb is the Managing Director at Andersen Tax in Philadelphia. Chuck Chubb has over 30 years of experience in advising a broad range of clients on federal, international and state and local tax matters. Before joining WTAS, he was a Tax Partner in two international professional services firms. Chuck is WTAS’ firm wide practice leader on Accounting for Income Taxes (FASB ASC 740) services, including US, non US, State & Local income taxes, and uncertain tax positions. Chuck’s clients span numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, communications and financial services. Chuck has spoken locally and nationally in numerous venues regardingASC 740matters. Chuck attended Bloomsburg University, where he received his BSBA in Business Administration – Accounting.